Fall in Love with Autumn Weddings

When it comes to choosing the perfect season for a wedding, we tend to meet couples that are in one of two mindsets – one is where they dream of a glorious summer day wedding and the other is where couples aspire to the idea of a cosy, intimate winter wedding.

We are always quite curious as to why autumn is so often overlooked when it can offer the perfect back drop for the big day and potentially the best of both worlds?

Before you ‘fall in love’ with the idea of an Autumn wedding, read on to discover what’s in season, what’s on trend and what to take into consideration. We’re talking romantic warmth, vibrant colours and dramatic sunsets…

First Things First – The Venue

By choosing a date outside of the summer months, it is likely that the venue of your choice will have a greater selection of dates available. What’s more is that you are likely to have more of selection of florists, photographers, cake makers and caterers to choose from. The cost of venue and suppliers is also likely to be less during the autumn compared to the summer (for now!).

No Crystal Ball – The Weather

 The weather in autumn gives couples the best of both worlds – it removes any uncertainty that a summer wedding can bring. We would always advise that the wedding is planned with both indoor and outdoor options. Tipis can be set up to accommodate the wedding party all day, with the option of the wedding party being able to break outdoors if the weather allows.

Let’s face it, it’s safer to plan for a day that may be affected by rain and be pleasantly surprised by sunshine! Don’t forget to inform guests if you plan to be outdoors so that they can bring appropriate clothing.

Lasting Memories – The Photography

 The photography of your wedding in autumn can really create a WOW factor! The light will be softer with fewer harsh shadows than a summer wedding would bring but the slightly darker evenings allow for more atmospheric, romantically lit photography.

The warmth created from shots taken around the fire pits, and inside the tipis with fairy lights, provide a cosy backdrop too.

Whats in Season– The Food

Autumn is renowned for indulgence and sweet treats and your decorations and food can really reflect this.

Give your guests a real treat by opting for warming, hearty food such as pumpkin soup, served in hollowed out mini-pumpkins, followed by a sharing roast platter, finished off with an apple and cinnamon crumble.

Wines and mulled ciders can also be selected to reflect the autumn vibe – an oaky Chardonnay or a robust red wine with hints of blackberry are the perfect accompaniments.

Whats on Trend– Décor & Colour Palette 

We’re all about bringing the outside in and autumn brings beautiful foliage to the table allowing us to take advantage of the deep reds, oranges and browns.

This colour palette mimics the changing of leaves and provides natural warmth. Using seasonal berries, or even acorns as part of your floral arrangements or table décor also work beautifully.

For a more modern colour palette consider coppers and gold for a bit of glitz and glam; and for more elegance look at deep plum and emerald greens.

The good news is that buying in season means you can select food and flowers at the peak of their supply meaning costs are lower. So, not only are you winning by saving money, you also reduce your carbon footprint!

So, an autumn wedding can save you money and help the environment whilst keeping your guests cosy and well fed!

If you love the idea of an autumnal wedding day, get in touch to find out more about Chew Valley Weddings.

Photographer: with thanks to Freeform Images.