Getting Married Al Fresco – A Step by Step Guide

When it comes to getting married outdoors in England and Wales, laws are tight and have a habit of changing which leaves many couples confused about what is and isn’t achievable.

We’ve pulled together a step by step guide on how to go about planning your outdoor wedding ceremony.

First things first – The Dream Venue

With the average 2019 wedding costing £31,974, an outdoor wedding ceremony can save money and allow couples to be much more creative with where they choose to marry. Spend time researching and visiting venues to ensure that you find your dream wedding location, within your budget.

You don’t need to be restricted by whether the space has a licence or not – if you are using a Celebrant you simply need permission from the venue owner.

Celebrant led weddings can be officiated anywhere so pick a venue that suits you as a couple, and one you truly love!

The only real consideration is that Celebrants are instructed to move ceremonies inside if temperatures outside drop below 16 degrees, so be realistic about what time of year you are planning your big day.

Book the Celebrant

So, the dream location is booked…it’s now time to find the right Celebrant for you! There really are only two considerations here – the first being that you choose someone that you feel is the right fit for you as a couple. There is a huge benefit in building a relationship with your Celebrant because the flow of the ceremony is key.

The Celebrant will discuss the ceremony content with you – there is a huge difference between pre-set scripts and unique, personal scripts and the more comfortable you feel, the more your celebrant will learn about you.

The Legal Part

Next, you need to register your intent to marry, whether you choose a registrar or a Celebrant. The local registration office will then prepare legal paperwork and record the details of the ceremony. They will then book a date with you prior to your wedding day to complete the legal signing.

When it comes to the legal service itself, you simply need two witnesses and to choose your legal statements. The good news is that you can save your personal vows and scripts until your wedding day with your Celebrant – the legal part is the formality!

Now the fun part – Planning!

Once the venue and Celebrant are booked and your intent to marry is logged at the registration service you are free to get planning the details of your big day!

Chew Valley Weddings is a venue, fully equipped to ensure your outdoor wedding goes without a hitch – we are totally comfortable organising ceremonies in the great outdoors and know how to set the scene.

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