How to organise a ‘Woke’ Wedding by Mel Hasell

With Pinterest searches for ‘sustainable weddings’ up 181 per cent since this time last year, Chew Valley Weddings’ Mel Hasell shares her tips on How to Organise a Woke Wedding…

Re-think the Rock

Conflict diamonds, or “blood diamonds”, are used to finance wars in different parts of the world and their origin is easy to fake. This makes it hard to know whether a diamond is ethical or not. Re-think the rock and consider a simple wedding band made from recycled metals. Antique shops are also a great option for unusual rings that will stand out from the crowd.

Say ‘yes’ to an Ethical Dress

Fast fashion and its impact on the planet is really topical at the moment. If you’re going down the ethical fashion route second-hand wedding dresses is a good option or choose something new that’s made from ethical sources.

Hold a Conscious Ceremony

Incorporate your own vows and story in the ceremony to reflect your personal values. You may like to make a vow to your community and the world regarding the contributions you intend to make together. A Celebrant can conduct a ceremony personal to you with the added benefit of doing this in the location of your choice, without restriction.

Raise (and recycle) a Glass

Look for bioplastic cups or personalised pint glasses that guests can take home and treasure. Or, for a nostalgic touch, you could consider renting vintage crockery that will look stunning as well as reducing plastic.

Waste-Free Weddings

Never assume your venue must follow the traditional format of wedding planning. From field to fork dining and organic ingredients to eco-fuel generators and compostable toilets, it is always possible to ask your wedding venue to tailor their plans to increase the number of green elements.

Keep the Love Local

Supporting your wedding venue’s community is a fantastic way to spread the love. Choose local farmers to supply tasty, organic produce for field to fork dining and research small businesses based nearby or florists that specialise in British, seasonal flyers to offer unique, memorable and ethical decor.

Eco-Friendly Favours

All too often, generic wedding favours are taken home and often forgotten about by guests. Avoid this blunder and stay true to your eco-friendly values by getting creative when it comes to wedding favours. Recent ideas that caught our eye include bees wax candles with a natural wick and locally grown herb plants in personalised pots.

Ethical Gifts

Instead of a wedding gift list you could ask guests to donate to a chosen charity. Simply set up a justgiving page or similar and mention why this charity is so important to you by sharing your story.  

‘Something Green’ eco-weddings at Chew Valley Weddings start from £4,250.00. To find out more about woke weddings with us, call us on 01761 463 695 or email