What’s Hot for 2020? Weddings Trends Revealed!

The question everyone’s starting to ask is what’s hot and what’s not for 2020?!

So, we’ve been busy checking out trend reports for everything from wedding dresses, to the food to make sure that we are all prepped and on-trend for next year!

We’re delighted to see the ever-increasing trend for more environmentally conscious weddings, personalisation and unique touches.

Leap into the proposal

Did you know that 2020 is a leap year? Tradition denotes that every 4 years a woman can pop the question! Of course we know ladies no longer wait to ask her lover for their hand, but it could make for a quirky proposal. Just think of the hashtags!

The bigger the better – Princess bridal gowns

According to bridal designer Phillipa Lepley,we will see a rise in fairytale themed‘princess’ dresses – feminine, dramatic gowns – the bigger the skirt and the longer the train, the better!

Specifically, Phillipa predicts simple, clean designs with high neckline in favour of strapless and detailed bridal gowns. Don’t be surprised by a change of outfit for the bride… adaptable dresses with a radical change in appearance are becoming more of a trend with removable skirts.

What we are particularly excited about is the continuing trend of festival influenced style – they mention personal touches such as embroidery of personalised messages; and accessories such as bejeweled headbands.

Informal and relaxed natural flowers

We love the continued ‘sustainability’ prediction for 2020. Moving away from dusty hues, trends are pointing towards hot pinks, fuchsia, botanicals, leafy greens and foliage. Natural, relaxed and informal – totally Chew Valley Weddings!

‘Free from’ – wedding buffet 

Following the rapid growth in vegetarian and veganism, wedding buffets are becoming ‘free from’ for 2020. Informal dining is becoming ever-more on trend – buffet tables, food stations and canapes will be favoured over the traditional sit-down three-course meal.

Personalised cocktails offer another avenue for couples to express themselves and continue to be an important part of the wedding day. In particular, gin and tonic dedicated stations are expected to play a part in 2020.

Décor – taking the indoors outdoors 

We saw plenty of wedding smoke bombs at our outdoor weddings in 2019! For next year, there’s talk of balloon walls and wedding art murals. We’ve also noticed some fruity talk (particularly lemons), being used as decorations, which we love, especially given our local supplier ethos. The new trend prediction of indoor furniture being taken outside (sofas in fields and chandeliers in trees) is totally quirky but certainly not an impossibility!

We’re so excited to see many of 2020’s wedding trends reflecting all the things we love at Chew Valley Weddings. One final prediction we MUST share are dogs as ring bearers and kittens in flower crowns! Animals are definitely welcome by us!!

To plan your 2020 wedding, give us a call to discuss how we can help you create your own unique wedding day. We can offer you the blank canvas or work with you every step of the way to create your (on-trend) dream day.